In order to make magic happen at the Stockman House, we rely on our incredible volunteer committees.

We have both permanent and temporary committees, who are focused on operational needs of the organization.

Permanent Committees

Building & Grounds Committee

Ramona Jeffrey, Chair
Dave Christiansen

John Duggan

Larry Kalousek

Chip Kinsey
Colleen Last
Bob McCoy
Ken Peterson         

Meets the third Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m.

Operations Committee 

Tom Dettmer, Chair

Sandy Thede

Nancy Lass

Nancy Sweetman

Meets the third Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m.


Education Committee

Judy Wagner, Chair

Jean Casey

John Henry

Joanne Hardinger

MaryAnne Wiedenheft

Meets as necessary.​​

Temporary Committees

Gallery Committee

Nancy Lass, Chair

Dave Christiansen

Kathy Kinsey

Bob McCoy

Jennifer Sliwinski

Meets as necessary.

Library/Archive Committee

Colleen Last, Chair

Jean Casey

Jennifer Sliwinski

Chip Kinsey, ad-hoc

Meets as necessary.

Stockman House

Museum Foundation

Roger Bang, Trustee

Dr. James Coddington, Trustee
John Duggan, Trustee

John Henry, Trustee
Chip Kinsey, Trustee

Meets as necessary.


Joyce Deike, Tour & Volunteer Scheduler
Nancy Sweetman, Head Docent

Nancy Lass, Head Cashier

Kathy Kinsey, Gift Shop Manager

Jessica Kinsey, Newsletter / Website Manager

Joanne Hardinger, TripAdvisor Manager

Bob Follmuth, Facebook Manager

Jay Thede, Brochure Rack Manager