Mason City Women & The 19th Amendment

On August 18, 1920, with the final state ratification coming from Tennessee, the 19th amendment went into effect. Women finally had won the right to vote. It had been a long and often difficult battle and Mason City women were very much a part of it.

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Photo Courtesy of Visit Mason City


Photo Courtesy of Visit Mason City

Learn About Eleanor Chafin Stockman


Eleanor Chafin Stockman (1856 -1924) moved to Mason City, Iowa in 1888.  During her 30 years as a Cerro Gordo County resident, she served on both the school and library boards and raised funds for the American Red Cross and the YWCA.   She was active in promoting temperance and suffrage and several other social causes.  Most significantly, Eleanor Stockman was one of Iowa’s leaders in the woman’s suffrage movement.  She regularly hosted the Mason City Women’s Club meetings in her home and rallied it into a suffrage crusade.  

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